Doctor John Smith and his ‘time’ in Lydd

It is not clear when the Doctor first lived in Lydd.

He is believed to have bought the cottage in the late 20th century in the 1970’s or possibly 1980’s

It is suggested, that he was employed at the Lydd military base as a consultant scientist. At that time it was being used as a technical centre by a shadowy military organisation operating under the auspices of the United Nations. Wild rumours even claim that its purpose was to investigate and combat paranormal and extraterrestrial threats to the Earth.

There have also been a number of curious references to a ‘Doctor John Smith’ throughout the history of Lydd.

These date back to Saxon times when legend mentions the involvement of a strange wizard with the events surrounding the coronation of Eadbald of Kent (reigned AD 616-40).


Stories also abound that refer to a white haired old gentleman, known as Doctor John Smith, who intervened in the ongoing battle between the ‘Owlers’, the wool smugglers of Kent, and the ‘Riding Officers’ who patrolled on horseback to detect them.

History 2

A Doctor Smith is also known to have been involved in an adaptation made to the high explosive ‘Lyddite’ at the military base in the 1890’s. It is thought that he perfected a version capable of piercing bonded polycarbide.

History 3

In the 1950’s Lydd Airport was used for air ferry services, and ‘UFO’ believers insist that it was the site of an alien incursion at this time.

They claim that aircraft mysteriously disappeared over the channel and landed many days later with a force of ‘robots’ and that the incident was covered up by the authorities.

Doctor Smith has been credited as having a hand in the repulsion of said robots.


Apart from the name ‘Doctor John Smith’ there appears to be no connection between these incidents. The persons in question all looked very different – so it is not thought that they could be ancestors of the Doctor John Smith who lived in the cottage.